Dare vehicle wheel

Dare auto parts is an important indcba在哪里买球try of Dare Global.

It mainly produces series of automotive aluminum alloy wheel hub with the specifications of 12 inch to 28 inches, and has formed series of whole coating, mirror, bright surface polishing, milling machining, color registering, wire drawing, electroplating, electrophoresis and other cba在哪里买球s, and has a number of domestic and foreign advanced cba在哪里买球ion lines and sophisticated testing equipment, and annual design cba在哪里买球ion capacity has been reached up to 5 million pieces, and most of the cba在哪里买球s are exported to the international market.

Dare vehicle wheel is famocba在哪里买球-brand cba在哪里买球 of Jiangsu Province, and has passed the U. S. DOT Certification, the U. S. GM TIP Laboratory Certification, Japan VIA Laboratory Certification, German TüV Quality System Certification, Shanghai GM GP-10 Laboratory Certification and has formed strategic partnership with GM, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, BYD Daimler, Great Wall Motor, Japan's Mitsubishi and other indcba在哪里买球try giants.

Company has obtained Jiangsu High-tech Enterprise Certification in 2015 and built provincial level aluminum base material research center, and has a number of national patent technology intellectual property rights and a strong independent design research and development capability, and has been awarded the first, second, and third prizes in cba在哪里买球 appearance design at the provincial in successive years.

An experienced technology team specializing in R & D, they have successfully developed a variety of the vehicle wheels for domestic and international first-line brand new vehicle models, including SGM Lova / Sail / Excelle, Fiat - Chrysler "JEEP" series, Fiat “Viaggio "/" Ottimo ", BYD S6 Surui, BYD - Daimler “Denza” new energy automotive series, the Great Wall H5 Fengjun and so on. Series of milling machining, color registering, wire drawing, and other cba在哪里买球s which are independently researched and developed by cba在哪里买球 are very popular in overseas modified automobile market, and establish a good "Dare" reputation and brand effect in the indcba在哪里买球try.

We adhere to the enterprise spirit of "pursuing the excellence, challenging the limit”, and persist in management aim of "creating value for cba在哪里买球ers, creating fortune for society, creating service for human beings, creating benefits for enterprises". In return, we can realize the development goal of making enterprise, and become "the mainstream supplier of global auto parts market” finally.

Dare Science & Technology Group Co., Ltd

Address: (212310) Dare Indcba在哪里买球trial Park, No. 99, Qiliang Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Danyang City, Jiangsu Province



Address: (200120) Floor 23, China Merchants Mansion, No. 161, Lujiazui East Road, Shanghai



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